Terms & Conditions, Benefits

Marketing Campaign Terms & Conditions
  1. You can choose your desired business type from the business type specified in the portal. (You can request a custom number of shop/stores until the system reaches the specified limit quantity.)
  2. You must complete your proposed shops within the proposed target date.
  3. If the target date is not met, the system will automatically reject your target shops.
  4. Explain to the seller till he or she can easily understand all the steps of using the functions in this panel. (You can learn how to use Seller Panel on Starfish Myanmar Facebook Page)
  5. If the seller uses Starfish System, he / she will have to pay a commission (…%) on the sales to Starfish Myanmar as a service fee for using the system.
  6. You have to explain while Seller fills in Contact to Sell Form that there are three types of payment options and that a 5% cash transfer fee to Starfish Myanmar will be charged depending on the type of payment.
  7. In addition, since the system allows customers to purchase online payments, it must be explained that the seller must pay 1% of the sales revenue as an online payment service fee.
  8. Fill in the Marketing Target Form and follow the Seller to complete the status and completion steps of the specified steps.
  9. You will receive the service fee only after completing all the steps specified by the system.
  10. Ask the invited vendors to include your Invite code on the Form when applying for the Contact to Sell Form. The Commission can only be enjoyed if the Invite code is entered by the Seller.
  11. As soon as the seller with your Invite code starts the Sale, the commission will be given to you upon the Seller’s Revenue for a certain period of time.
Marketing Campaign Benefits
  1. Once the proposed seller registers on Starfish Myanmar System and offers the products and starts selling, you will receive the service fee.
  2. In addition, the Commission will set a percentage between …..% and ……% on the monthly sales of the Seller and will pay that commission till a fixed period of time.
  3. At the same time, if you enable customers to use it, you will also receive a commission of specified Percentage…...% upon the Amount Purchased by the customer.
  4. The more people who enter and register for the Starfish application, the more benefits you will receive.
  5. When a person does new registration, you will be entitled to a commission on the purchase amount only if the new registrant is asked to enter your Invite code on the Register Page.